Domains Purchased From myRealPage

Renewal Options
Thanks for purchasing your domains from myRealPage.

You have three options in regards to renewing your domain(s) purchased from myRealPage.

Set it to auto-renew
Set it to auto-renew for one to five years before expiry. You'd need to log into your Private Office and select the option to Auto-Renew. The more years you choose to renew, the more you save.
Set it to manual renewal
Meaning you'd need to log into your Private Office before expiry and renew it manually. You can renew manually for one to five years with this method as well with the same savings.
Let your domain expire
Set your domain to renew manually. You do not need to do anything before the expiry date. At the expiration date, you will not be charged and the domain is removed from your account.

To manage your domain

Log into your private office and select the domains option and choose the renewal options for the domain you want to change

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I want my domain to auto-renew

You can see the status of your domain, its expiry date and renewal settings above or in your Private Office using the instructions above. If it is already set to auto-renew you do not need to do anything.

I do not want my domain to auto-renew

No problem, you can change the renewal status to manual in your Private Office with the instructions above. Which doesn't mean you'll lose your domain name at the expiry date. We will email you three times starting thirty days prior to expiry reminding you to choose to renew or if you no longer need the domain name you can simply let it expire.

I want to renew for more than one year

This one is easy too. Log into the Private Office with the same instructions above choose the renewal options link on the domain name, and you'll be able to select from one to five years and see the pricing for each.